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Why I started with Bliinkt?
Simply because of my fascination for vintage jewelry, vintage costume jewelry in particular.

Once upon a time I bought a very cute, little vintage rose brooch. Upon closer inspection I noticed it was signed 'Coro'. That triggered my attention and so I started searching and reading online. Costume jewelry or simply said jewelry of all kinds of materials and base metals, appeared to be a world on its own.

If you continue reading on this site, you will discover many names, names that you may or may not know. Now, after a few years, I have collected many books and jewelry and my fascination became a hobby. Vintage costume jewelry appears to be a hit, sought after and collected by many.

Even though most jewelry will fall into the vintage category, that does not always apply to all jewelry at Bliinkt. Jewelry that, in my opinion, is worth it for various reasons, in whatever way, I will also put on the site.

Seen something you like?
Please bear in mind that vintage costume jewelry generally has been worn and therefore can and will often have some degree of wear. After all, it dates back to the last century and has a certain age.

Jewelry is not always handled with care. Every piece of jewelry, cheap and expensive, must be treated with care if it is to remain in good condition. You can read more about this under "maintenance of jewelry".

I have a large collection of books on costume jewelry (see Bibliography), which I have used extensively for this site.

Have fun browsing!

Any questions? Please send me a message at


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