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Proper maintenance of costume jewelry is of great importance. It is important to remember that costume jewelry is much more vulnerable than fine jewelry because of the materials used. Below you will find a few tips for a longer life of your jewelry and cleaning tips.


Tips   for   a   longer   life
  1. Costume jewelry cannot stand water, so you cannot swim, do the dishes, wash your hands or shower wearing the jewelry. Also don't leave it in damp rooms such as the bathroom.
    - The metals can oxidize and 'verdigris' can form on the material, a green deposit that can be compared to rust. This can already happen due to a break in the paint or when there is a (minuscule) chip of the paint.
    - Moisture can remain under the stones, which can make them dull and causes damage to the foil layer (if present.
  2. Also creams, lotions, wax, hair spray, perfumes etc. are not conducive to the life of, and harmful to, your jewelry. Tip: apply perfume before you start wearing the jewelry.
  3. Do not wear the jewelry when you exercise, sleep, when it is very hot etc. Why?
    Perspiration is disastrous and will eventually bite into the metaL.
  4. It is best to clean the jewelry after wearing it (see below).
  5. After wearing, store the jewelry cool, dry and separately in, for example, a piece of cloth, separate box, bags, etc., not in your jewelry box among all kinds of other jewelry.


Cleaning   tips

Dry - the safest method, because it leaves no scratches, layers or residue.

  1. Use a super soft brush, a soft cloth or (good quality) cotton buds for this. The latter are also useful for the stones. For between the stones and openings, a tooth carrier or toothpick can be a solution, provided that it is used with caution. Be really careful with this because with this you can also easily damage the foil behind the stones or maybe peel off a vulnerable piece of paint! Certainly if it already has a small damaged spot.
    Tip: use a magnifying glass!
  2. Wet - It is important to use as little liquid as possible.
    My method is cleaning with a cotton swab. If you dip the cotton swab in soapy water or keep it under lukewarm water and squeeze it completely, or just roll it in a dry cloth, you can clean very precisely without water coming out of the cotton swab and running over your jewelry. With the dry side you can dry it immediately.
    What you should not do in my opinion: It is often recommended to use a soft toothbrush and soft soap to clean the jewelry. Do not! The jewelry quickly becomes too wet with all its consequences.
  3. If your jewelry has now become (too) wet.
    - try to blow out the moisture
    - and then carefully dry the jewelry with a lukewarm hair dryer. Too hot a hair dryer can damage the paint.
    - or put the jewelry on a cloth or kitchen towel on the (again not too hot!) heating.

Be extra carefull cleaning Aurora Borealis stones. Too harsh cleaning can damage the coating resulting in the loss of the glitter effect.

Now that you are a little more aware of the ups and downs of maintaining costume jewelry, have fun with your future new purchase(s)! 

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