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Broche Chris De La Torre

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Prachtige broche van Chris De La Torre, een Amerikaan afkomstig uit Californië. Rozen zijn zijn specialiteit en hij maakt(e) ze in verschillende soorten en maten en van verschillende materialen. Dit exemplaar uit 2013 heeft verschillende kleurschakeringen en is bijzonder mooi vormgegeven.

Helaas is over Chris De La Torre verder niet veel bekend, wat erg jammer is aangezien het ware kunstwerkjes zijn! Of hij nog steeds sieraden maakt is de vraag.


Chris about himself:

"My name is Chris De La Torre. I am a 27  (opm.: in 2014) year old welder, fabricator, and metal artist from Citrus Heights, California. I spend much of my day welding, grinding, hammering, and forming, and I couldn't be more satisfied with that. I specialize in metal flowers, roses especially, but I do a wide variety of different sculptural and jewelery works. I focus on natural forms as I love the dichotomy between the harsh, rigid nature of steel and the free flowing and graceful forms of nature. I love to take on unique custom orders that expand my horizons and peak my interest."





5,8 cm
4,5 cm

Lees hier meer over vintage en conditie . . . .


A wonderful brooch by Chris De La Torre, an American living in Californië. Not much is known about him and it's really hard to find any jewelry made by him which is a shame as his creations are real pieces of art!

His jewelry is made of brass or copper and is handmade. Roses are his speciality and this piece is an absolutely beautiful example of his work, made in 2013, and in excellent condition.


Chris about the rose:

"These pin on rose brooches feature three leaves and are fully painted by hand. The average diameter of the rose is about 1 5/8" (41 mm) with the tips of the leaves being from the left point to the far point averaging about 2 3/8" (60 mm) across.

Made with either brass or copper petals with a dark patina applied to give a color differential and highlight the hand texturing on every part.

The leaves are typically arranged with with three (two on one left side) but it can be made with only two if desired. . Being constructed of sturdy sheet metal and bent to shape they are quite strong and will handle rather severe abuse if such should occur. Feel free to mix and match characteristics or request something special. Every single aspect of producing these brooches is performed with by hand from the numerous hammer strikes for texture, the bending, cutting, riveting, and painting."

More about vintage and condition . . . .

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